Sunday, October 13, 2013

What is Laminate flooring made of ?

The great benefits of Laminate flooring

  Well, I guess you're reading this because you may be in the market for a new floor!

Laminate is a great choice, and here are some of the wonderful benefits I've come up with.

*  Laminate has come a long way!  The wear layers are a lot stronger, and with the new improved hand scraped, distressed and beveled looks, you can hardly tell the difference between laminate and hardwood.

*  As far as price is concerned, laminate and installation is much less than hardwood, in most cases.

*  Laminate is a totally odorless product... so, it is great for anyone that suffers from allergies or asthma.

* In hot climates, laminate is built to hold up to humidity better than most engineered floors.

*  If you want something a little softer to walk on ....  laminate is a floating floor, which means it has a dense cushion underneath, that gives it a softer step than tile or hardwood.

*  if you have a damaged board, you can replace a board fairly easily.... hardwood, not so easy... it is much more involved because it is glued down in most cases. ( or nailed )

*  Now, one of the best benefits of laminate is, that you can install it right over existing tile.... no mess with pulling up the old tile... and NO DUST.

These are just some of the benefits of laminate flooring....  I hope this helped with your decision.

David Lepore

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to maintain your new carpet

    In my experience with handling carpet for many years, I firmly believe the product for tough stains, is a product called Folex.  this product can be found at home Depot and also, online. It takes out just about everything.  You simply spray... rub it in with your fingers, and blot it out immediately with a white cloth, or even better... use a vacuum hose, if available... and suck the stain and solution right out of the carpet.

   Of course, you need to vacuum your carpet as much as possible, but at least twice a week in the traffic areas.  This will keep the dirt out of the pile, where it will do damage to the fibers. This will increase the appearance and longevity of your carpet, immensely. Also, make sure you have an upright vacuum with a beater brush that spins.  Walmart has a bissel that works great for usually, around fifty bucks or so.

    Most manufacturers recommend professional steam cleaning every 12 months... but if you can keep your carpet clean, then wait until it actually needs it.  Check with your manufacturer on professional cleaning guidelines, because in most cases, they will give you a little trouble covering any cleaning warranty if you don't use professional steam extraction as the method.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND cleaning carpet yourself with these diy cleaning machines. It's hard to regulate the amount of solution and water that gets into your carpet, and could deteriorate the backing.... if your carpets under warranty, manufacturers frown on this.  So, if you don't care about your warranty and just want to keep the carpet clean, then I guess it's okay. Just keep in mind it will shorten the life of your carpet, in most cases.

- David Lepore

Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to clean your laminate flooring

  General Cleaning 

     In my experience with laminate flooring, for the last 13 years, I have found the best way to maintain it is, to use a simple dry micro fiber or terry cloth mop.  Use a laminate and  hardwood cleaner, such as Bruce laminate  cleaner, or Zep.  Both can usually be found at Home Depot.  You can go ahead and mist, ( not soak) the floor with the cleaner, usually in a 6 ft. by 6 ft. area at a time.  Wipe up with the dry mop, quickly. This should clean any normal smudges and dust off your floor, and put a nice shine on it as well. You shouldn't need to clean your laminate more than once a week depending on traffic.  The rest of the time, just dry mop,( don't mist) with either the same pad, or have a dry pad refill on hand for dry mopping. I also recommend hand washing the pads and air drying to get the most usage from the pads.

Water Is The Enemy Of Laminate Flooring!!
    Under any circumstances, do not use a damp mop or a wet towel to clean your floor. Water will find a way in the joints and curl it or warp it around the seams. It may not happen at first, but continuous wet mopping will do damage, Guaranteed!

Mats At The Doorways

    If your floor meets a bathroom, kitchen, or outside entry, put soft, non-abrasive mats down, where you can wipe your feet.  The objective is to keep  the water off  the floor.


    There are good floor vacuums on the market to clean your laminate floor. Make sure it has a non- abrasive head on it with a soft brush on the bottom

Tough Spots!

    Your laminate cleaner may not be strong enough to clean those really tough spots.  For that, I recommend Goo Gone, which can be found almost anywhere ... Target, Home depot, etc.  It will leave a film, so try to use it for small areas.  Dry the area with a dry cloth, afterwards.

Never, Never Steam Your Floors! 

    No matter what the commercials tell you, don't even think about it.  Steam is moisture, which will do damage quicker.  I've personally seen floors that have been steamed, and it does not look good.

Just An Extra Tip ....

     Always put felt protectors under furniture legs, or anything that might be coarse, or could possibly scratch your new floor .... it needs TLC!

So, there you have it .... some basics on cleaning your laminate floor.  If you stick to these guidelines, your floor should last a long time :)  ... I hope this helped.  
-David Lepore